The 3rd national conference of the Iran Association of Science Parks and Innovation Organizations (STPIA)

The 3rd national conference of the Iran Association of Science Parks and Innovation Organizations (STPIA) with the title Regional Innovation Development: The Role of Government, University, Private Sector, and Society was held in the presence of more than 400 people and hosted by Yazd Science and Technology Park in the historic city of Yazd, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on November 8th and 9th, 2023.

The national conference was an opportunity to build awareness among STPIA members and prominent participants from Iran. About 50 lectures and articles were presented at this two-day conference. The conference also held 12 plenary sessions on a variety of subjects, including: policy making in science and technology parks; development of an innovation ecosystem in urban areas; culture and innovation society; money and innovation capital; the quadratic helix; and the cooperation of the government, private sector, university, and society in the development of regional and national innovation.

The annual general assembly of STPIA was held during this meeting. The general assembly selected Alborz Science and Technology Park to host the 2024 conference. At the end of the second day of the conference, the participants visited historical landmarks in Yazd and continued networking in a more informal environment.

EBBA LUND CEO, IASP – International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

Dear esteemed authorities, dear colleagues. I extend my thanks to STPIA for inviting me to say a few words to you all today at this, the 3rd STPIA National Conference, and my warmest appreciation to Chairman Ali Motamedzadegan for passing on my message.

At IASP, as the world's largest international association for innovation ecosystems, encompassing science & technology parks, innovation districts, areas of innovation and the like, we know the value of forums such as these when it comes to cross-sector knowledge sharing and networking.

With more than 300 IASP members in 80 countries, representing 115,000 high-tech companies worldwide, we connect STP & AOI experts from around the world and support them to promote sustainable economic development. IASP acts as a bridge between innovation communities in different countries, encouraging and facilitating science and technology cooperation and development at a global level, and over the years we have seen how Iran has been consistently building, growing and developing in our industry.

One of the core mandates of an STP or AOI is essentially to manage and influence its innovation ecosystem, and of course to be aligned with stakeholders. When you are dealing with Government, University, Private Sector, and Society there are many elements to take into account and balance carefully. Meetings such as where you all are today are increasingly important when it comes to building cooperation, allowing science park managers and other science and innovation experts to meet their peers, form new collaborations and develop initiatives. It is via these collaborations that we can jointly address the challenges faced by innovation ecosystems, on both national and global levels, and I’m sure that this event focusing on Regional Innovation Development will provide truly valuable insights and takeaways on the intertwinement of the quadruple helix.

We wish you all the best with the event and congratulations to the organising team, STPIA and IASP member Yazd Science & Technology Park for all of their hard work and efforts in the preparations, which we are sure will result in a great conference!